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Please take a few minutes to read some of the album/music reviews about “So Right… The James Kōb Experience” which was released in 2016 and peruse some of James’ published music articles as well. There are also some radio interviews to hear! We ask that you do so with the intent that, as you will see below, James Kōb is a musical innovator… blending new compositions with beautiful melodies and intriguing instrument arrangements into memorable songs and music that appeal to a wide ranging audience.


is to interest you in booking The James Kōb Experience Christmas Magic Tour into select high-end Performing Arts Centers over this holiday season (from November 25th thru December 25th)

Last year in December, “The Holidays Are Here” single was released, though somewhat late for the Christmas Season, but still hit #1 on the SmoothJazz.com Holiday Chart!. It is being released this year in a more timely, redone, remixed fashion and with a music video to accompany it… along with the “Christmas Magic” album… a new Christmas album of all original Christmas music by James Kōb!

From Gospel Christmas…. to Light-Hearted Christmas Tunes…. to Beautiful Large Orchestrated Christmas Presentation pieces….all of the “Christmas Magic Tour” music will be a delight to everyone. It is planning to be an unparalleled “Christmas performance experience” unlike any other. New, unique, fun, loving… with great new Christmas music destined to become part of the Great American Christmas Songbook.

A mixed-media performance, It will stun in its originality and its beauty!

As you take a look around… you will see a 30 piece chamber orchestra, a 12 piece core group with singers… also video and staging integration, the “Christmas Magic Tour” will bless the season with special performances and new holiday music!!

So Right” the album debuted the singles: “Get Myself Together” and “So Right” (the title track), are both exciting excursion into the jazzy, sweet melodic world of The James Kōb Experience. All original, new music that spans multiple genres from Bossa Nova to Pop to Jazz, it’s a refreshing delivery of truly memorable songs – a special brand of “music with melody”… that will become a standard in everyone’s collection.

The songs on the “So Right” album usher in a renaissance of music.. Hybrid-Global-Jazz-Pop… that gives us what our ears are begging to listen to and moves us to crave more. And the “Christmas Magic” album will deliver that in a BIG WAY as well: All New and all Original Christmas & Holiday Themed Songs Destined to Become Favorites!!

All that’s needed is for “The Christmas Magic Tour” to be seen and heard. Please help promote this event, this “experience” by contacting Mark Haley VP at Partly Sunny Records (310-251-6627) mark@partlysunnyrecords.com OR Tom Estey at Tom Estey Publicity & Promotion, 508-451-5846… to get started booking this wonderful Christmas Holiday Presentation!!

Christmas Magic

The Holidays Are Here

Your Love is my Christmas

Releasing in early November… James Kōb’s new Christmas-Holiday Song: “The Holidays Are Here“… Featuring Danielle Field Vocals & Tripp Sprague on Alto Saxophone is a warm, yet uplifting original Holiday Song destined to become a yearly favorite! It’s Hybrid Jazz-Pop style is so appealing… everyone will love it!


Listen to the clip: