It’s a nice day outside… the sun is bright, a few billowy clouds in the sky, a slightly warm but yet refreshing breeze caresses you, birds are singing, not a lot of extraneous noise… in short, a perfectly beautiful day is before you as you step into your patio to enjoy the morning’s moment and sip that first and best cup of coffee. Ahhh, it’s great to be alive and to be able to have this brief but important time to reflect spiritually and to cleanse your mind.

Then it starts. Not real close or real loud, but it’s enough to break the solitude you were basking in and to distract you from what God had just so perfectly served up. You don’t recognize the song or the artist… nor do you really care right then… but it’s raucous and harsh music and it just ruins everything! You pick yourself up out of your ever so comfortable cushioned patio chair and go in the house… firmly closing the French door behind you to shut out the sound… and go back to the kitchen for more coffee, a little disgruntled.

That ever happen to you?

I think it’s happened to many of us… it certainly has happened to me… and more than once I might add! One could say that’s the price we pay for living close by other folks, in the city or suburbs, where we have stacked ourselves either vertically or sideways next to or on top of each other. So close you can sometimes hear the neighbor sneeze… right? (I’m speaking from personal experience here…). Why does that seem to happen so often, that “the mood” was shattered usually by some noise… sometimes loud music… that is discordant to that moment, that perfect setting? You may have had a little Mozart spinning on the CD player helping you relax, to ponder the upcoming day… or not. Doesn’t matter. That moment’s light mood is gone forever, replaced by a somewhat darker mood. You’ll get over it for sure but you won’t forget it. And the reason you won’t forget it is because moods in life are somewhat like negative and positive numbers in mathematics… with some emotion thrown in for good measure. It’s a fascinating study in the physics of life.

Connecting oneself to the pluses and minuses of life starts out as an automatic function of daily routine. You awake, you arise… you go through your little ritual to get yourself ready to meet the day… and the one thing you present to the world every day is your mood. How that mood comes to be is a combination of often complex circumstances and conditions, some of which you have no control over. Others you DO control:

– How much good sleep did you get?
– What did you do last night?
– What did you eat or drink last night?
– Who or what did you think about last night?

Your intent to awake in a good, positive mood is probably always the case if you’re even close to being normal. And that intent most often requires forethought and planning if it is to manifest into a full-blown realization. Aside from the non-controllable factors that affect our moods… such as illness, hormones, electrolyte balance, allergies, etc… that list above of four things can make a big impact and difference on whether you control the core of what mood you help create for yourself. In fact, creating a mood or adding positively to one is how music can play a huge role. Note the opening of this essay. You may have had the perfect setting to start the day, Mozart and all… but when the unwanted, harsh music burst into your scene it was much like opposites cancelling each other. Consider that moods and music both possess positive and negative spirit, and as such can and will positively or negatively affect your evidentiary mood.

For example, what happens when you add equal volume negative and positive factors together? The point here is that -5 added to +5 = 0. Worse still is say, -3 added to +2 = -1. How often have you heard psychologists discuss how difficult if not impossible it is to cheer up a depressed person? Have you been around someone who is on a “downer” or is in a bad mood and despite your efforts to help uplift them, you find yourself slipping into a funk yourself?

The universal law of physics is not just physical, but extends into the realm beyond theory affecting metaphysical aspects of our lives. Music is key to how our emotions handle the mood moment. Again, referring to the opening of this essay, raucous music’s energy can sometimes be positive, but most often presents as a negatively impacting mood altering force. Much like a negative number, unless the positive force/number value is overwhelmingly greater, the negative force will prevail. That’s why it’s supremely important to disallow negatives from surrounding us. One needs to practice the art of creating a positive mood environment for ourselves and our families by utilizing positive spirit music and attitude.

When intent, positive music, positive attitude, comfortable & peaceful surroundings and joyous spirit convene… then the result emotionally and spiritually is a positively enriched mood that is no longer fragile, strong enough to resist negative influences.

Make your days all positive and productive by intentful planning. Hey… a little Mozart or other uplifting music, a little coffee (or tea), a good night’s rest and some wholesome nourishment… and your spirit will soar as your mood lifts you up.

Nothing… not even that old rock music that wasn’t good when it was new… can ruin your mood now!