Most cultures in our world embrace some form of what we have come to call “music”. Some much more than others. Some cultures use music only in religious moments. Some extremely primitive cultures (by Western standards) haven’t even defined music yet. That is, they don’t call it music, but they still create and use some sounds as music nonetheless.

It could be easily argued that music in all its forms is the true universal language that ties the spirit of all living creatures together. Man, of course is God’s primary creature that consciously uses music to communicate his feelings, emotions and needs often without a single word being uttered or sung. But we’re not the only ones… (think about birds singing).

How can it be then, that music, used by billions of people every moment of every day, is not recognized as essential in its purpose? Ahhhh… the failings of mankind are pervasive. Still, it’s notable that our scientific community has recently discovered what most of us in the music community already knew:

Music affects ALL living creatures (a multitude of studies, anecdotal and scientific, suggest plant-life may also be positively and negatively impacted) such that it influences moods, sensations, emotions, physical growth, physical healings and emotional healings that can be quantified in bonafide studies. I like to say that music does all this and more by ‘speaking’ to us in a way that ALL people of ALL tribes innately grasp…. in a way that our ‘inner spirits’ always understand: the “language of music”.

The “language of music” is so powerful that it can move our spirits in ways we never really thought about:

– People work more productively to music.

– Music calms us (and most animals) during times of stress.

– Music excites us to play, work or create.

– Music may make us want to love.

– Music may make us want to fight…. sadly, men march off to war to music… but they also return home to the sound of joyous music!

Music therefore, though not omnipresent, does hold a unique and powerful position in our daily lives as a force… a fuel if you will… that propels our spirit as our individual and momentary situations dictate.

“Spirit” (Latin – ‘spiritus’ which means ‘breath’ in literal definition) is the “breath of energy” that we as humans possess. The power of existence that God seeded into all living beings then is manifested through spirit. And music causes/allows us to use or draw on our spirit in various ways as we listen to it. Music makes our spirit loving, happy, melancholy, inspired, moody, thoughtful, wistful… even angry.

“Energy” (the core component in the universe) is explained through mathematics… manifesting effects as equations and forces in physics. It’s fascinating that music… notes… are fractional numeric bits that when assembled are also equations that “resolve”… creating new beginnings or endings. Music stimulates as the ’cause and effect’ that moves spirit to greatness in some form within us. In other words, music is a pure form of energy AND a source of energy at the same time.

Our senses… sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste… help us survive and prosper as our knowledge grows. If we lose any one of those senses, our life is less full. Most frequently, sight is listed by some as being the most precious to us with the sense of hearing a close second. Interestingly, some recent studies by the neuroscience community show that ‘hearing’ is a form of sight based on how the brain processes sound. Some studies also suggest that our quality of survival through hearing without sight is higher than if sighted without hearing. A debate for sure. But when music is factored in and the consideration of spirit influenced by music is weighed, hearing then becomes the prevalent sense. Remember: our spirits have memory. Beethoven still “heard” music after he became deaf and his exceptionally gifted inner spirit guided him to still compose. Most of us could never do that. But our spirits might be able to hear to some degree even if physical deafness occurs.

We are always surrounded by music in most cultures these days and therefore spirit within us is always being spoken to. And if we listen closely, we become more whole as beings. The beauty of it is that we only need to hear the language of music to enjoy life… to be empowered by it. Cultures that diminish music and don’t accept its full benefit are lesser for that and should be scrutinized as to why… what is the real reason they shun music? After all, how can anyone live WILLINGLY WITHOUT music ?

Music is so powerful that as it speaks to us, our spirits are fed a nourishing supply of many of the truly good things in life.

Our hearts, our souls… our spirits… understand the power of “the language of music” perfectly and are moved positively by it… without any translation needed.

James Kōb is a classically trained veteran composer and musician who writes and arranges music and lyrics in a variety of genres… and languages. James has performed in just about every venue there is: from nightclubs to open stadium-type festivals. He’s performed jazz, rock, R&B big-band, orchestra and unplugged guitar styles and continues to perfect his playing and composing skills. Raised in the American Midwest and collegiately schooled in music composition, he currently resides in Southern California where he has most recently been producing his album: “So Right…. The James Kōb Experience”…. a somewhat “smooth jazz” collection of new original compositions in the Bossa Nova, Latin and Adult Contemporary styles.

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